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noadvice's Journal

Parents Against Judging Other Parents
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This is a community for mothers and fathers (or anyone else) who wants to put an end to all the parenting wars.

Breastfeed or bottle feed?

Public school or homeschool?

Circumcise or Leave intact?

Twinkies or Tofu?

Co-sleep or crib?

William Sears or Babywise?

This community is for people who have come to the conclusion, that despite what the parenting books say, all of the above does not matter that much.

This community is for....

people who try hard not to judge other people's parenting choices.

people who understand that ALL parents make mistakes sometimes

people who understand that the crazed cruel mother at the grocery store might be a really good parent and is just having a really awful day.

people who have grown to hate parenting-books and parenting magazines.

people who avoid giving other parents advice.

people who hate getting advice about parenting.

people who understand that each child is different, each parent is different, and every family is different. And they understand that each family has different needs. What works for one family may not work for another family.

This community is NOT for...

people who believe their children are perfect and the reason they are perfect is that they (the parents) chose the right type of parenting style.

people who believe that the "bad" children, they see out in the world, are always the result of bad parenting.

parents who currently are very passionate about a specific parenting issue and feel the need to push their beliefs on other parents.

parents who think that attachment parenting is horrible.

parents who think that babywise parenting is horrible.