me (thedreamgames) wrote in noadvice,

Advice I ignored

Here's a partial list of parenting advice I ended up ignoring.

I'd love to hear advice that other people ignored.

1. NEVER leave your baby alone. Not even for a second.

2. Don't let your baby sleep in your bed.

3. Don't let your baby cry it out.

4. Wean your baby before he's a toddler.

5. Don't pressure your child to wean. Make it completely his decision.

6. Don't bribe your child.

7. Let your child potty train at his own pace.

8. Don't praise your child.

9. Don't have the TV on when your baby is around. It will mess up his language development.

10. Don't use disposable diapers.

11. Stop carrying your child so much

12. Have another baby so Jack can have a sibling.
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