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Ronald McDonald House

I just heard that at a Ronald McDonald's house in Houston...a mother of a 17 month old (recovering from brain surgery) was told not to breastfeed her toddler in a public area. She was told to go up to her room to do it.

Easy if you have one child. Not too hard to move. But the child has siblings. Not so easy to move the whole family back to the room each time the little tyke wants to nurse. And I'm sure the child is wanting to breastfeed a lot.

Very sad.

I think all places should allow babies and toddlers to eat....whether that be breastmilk, formula, or some kind of crumb-free snack. Older kids (depending on health and family situation) could probably wait.

The only exception I would see is places that are adult-only.

But if you're going to allow toddlers and babies, they should be able to eat.

If you have a fancy store and don't want milk dripping on the expensive furniture...provide a lot of benches.

Very sad that this is a Ronald McDonald House.
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This story is circulating all over LJ. I find it crazy that in this day and age, this is happening. What is the difference between nursing in public and going to a grocery store and seeing all the magazines with skanky dressed women on them? Or going to the beach and seeing women in bikinis? It's not like you have your breasts hanging all over the place when you nurse. How very sad indeed!
See, that's the thing. You'd think these people would allow public breastfeeding just to avoid the bad press.

Don't they realize that if they forbid breastfeeding, it's going to be all over the Internet by the next day.

Well, I guess on a positive note....It gives the lactivists something to do.

It gives me something to write about in this often-too-quiet community.

Breasts are so wonderful.


Full of nutrients.



And spark so much exciting controversy.