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Hi! I just found this community a day or two ago. I am the proud, single, working mother to a four month old son. As a new mom, I have read and researched WAY too much, and some of what's out there is really scary. Some parenting books can be so very judgmental and rigid. For example, while I love a lot of the ideas of attachment parenting, I cringe every time I come across people lambasting "crib and bottle" raising. My son sleeps in a crib, and he is formula fed, so you can imagine how that makes me feel!

I've come to the realization that parents (namely ME) need lots of support and encouragement, and not judgment and guilt. Anyway, this community is exactly what I need, and once my shyness wears off, I may just end up spamming this community with all my parenting thoughts.

Here is a pic of my pretty boy.
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What a gorgeous baby! =)

I'm new here too, and for the same reasons you mentioned. I had a C section, circumsized, used a crib, and bottle fed, all very what I consider very legitimate reasons. I got so sick of people asking why I did what I did. I shouldn't have to defend that. None of those things are abusive or negligent. And most of those same women are pro-choice people. So why is "my body, my choice" not applicable here? (In terms of c-section and bottle feeding, that is).

Anyway, it's nice to know yet another mom who got sick and tired of people being jerks. =P
And most of those same women are pro-choice people.

Hmm. Good point.
Your baby is SO INCREDIBLY adorable.

You sound a lot like me. Over-researched.

For me, it was major insecurity.

I don't read parenting books, but I'm still insecure about things.

Someone questioned one of our major parenting decisions yesterday...And I keep thinking about it. One part of me says, they have no idea what they're talking about. Another part of me sits there thinking....what if they're right?

Hey, spam away!!!!

I'd love this community to be more active!
I don't read parenting books

You're smarter than me. I can't help myself!

I miswrote that.

I should have said I don't read parenting books ANYMORE.

I used to read so many parenting books!!!!!!! But then I stopped.