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Hey, I don't remember if I was in this group before or not, but if I was I ended up leaving for some reason, so I suppose it's time for either an Introduction, or a Re-introduction. Either way, here goes.

My name's Josie, and I have 1 18 moth old boy named Miles. I've been married for 7 years to a guy named Aaron, and he's a great guy.

I joined this group because I wanted to be part of a parenting group that wasn't all snarky and full of flaming. Ugh, that gets so old on LJ.

So anyway, it's nice to meet everyone. =)
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I'm so glad you joined!

This group is pretty quiet...but maybe we'll get more active now.

Or maybe not.

That without controversy is usually ignored.

Maybe we SHOULD get snarky. Just kidding.