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ParentCenter email letter

I still get these crappy letters from BabyCenter/ ParentCenter. Whatever they're called.

I don't read them anymore because they usually end up making me feel completely paranoid or a horrible parent.

Anyway, for some weird reason I decided to open the email today.

These are things I saw.

7 SIGNS YOUR CHILD LOVES YOU (and if we don't see any of those signs, should we get really depressed? Really? Are we so dumb that we can't tell that our kid loves us? Do we really need signs? Even when our kids are teens/tweens and act like they hate us, I'm sure once in awhile we have the wisdom to know that really really deep inside they love us)

POPULAR SPORT SENDS 100,000 kids to ER EACH YEAR (yes, lets get more paranoid about safety issues.)

DOES YOUR CHILD PREFER ONE PARENT OVER THE OTHER? (this is a poll so you can compare yourself to other families. If you weren't depressed already and remembering how your child seems to like your spouse's a reminder for you)

SHOULD SPANKING BE OUTLAWED (oh yes! Controversy! How fun. All us bored moms can fight and "scream" at each other about our parenting decisions)

WAS THERE A PARTICULAR MOMENT THAT YOU FELL IN LOVE WITH YOUR CHILD? WHEN DID IT HAPPEN? TAKE OUR POLL! (again, let' s compare ourselves to other families! A place where we can brag about how fast we fell in love with our kids! Maybe make other moms feel bad because they took a much longer time)

VAGINAL DELIVERY LINKED TO GYNECOLOGICAL DISORDER (something else to be paranoid about. But as soon as we start leaning towards C-sections...they'll surely have some bad scary news about that)

LAVENDER OIL LINKED TO BREAST GROWTH IN BOY (Oh shit. Does this mean that because I used that Johnson and Johnson nightime lavender soap stuff, that now my son is going to grow breasts? )

WHEN WILL MY SON BE OLD ENOUGH TO USE THE MEN'S ROOM BY HIMSELF (this is the only article I'm even the slightest bit tempted to read. But is there really a set age? Doesn't it matter about the family? The child? I'm so curious what the article says. I'll probably read it. But it will probably make me feel like crap)
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