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Having a second child

This is a current topic that I feel a lot of pressure around. There seems to be a lot of opinions about the NEED to have a second child. Most people appear to be campaigning against the only child. Is anyone out there campaigning for having ONLY one child?
I have to admit, my husband is one of the biggest campaigner of multiple children. Having been an only child himself, he hates the idea of only having one child. Someone it seems Brock would be doomed to a lonely fate of caring for his parents (as my husband is with his mother) if we do not birth him an accomplice. And not only must we produce this new soul mate for him, but it must happen soon... otherwise we miss some mystical window of opportunity to have them be close enough in age to relate to one another.
UGH. I don't think I have the energy, patience, money or space for another child. I've grown accustomed to having lots of space that is not occupied by infant paraphernalia. Plus, I don't feel compelled to wander through the wilderness of figuring out another human being! Are you hungry, wet, sad, mad, WHAT? Why are you crying? It's a very long 2 years before they can manage coherent thoughts with speech.
MMMM... well, that's my thought for the week. I know this community is about no advice... but, um, I'd still like to hear people's thoughts on the topic. It just won't have much bearing on what we decide to do on the reproduction side of things.
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